Expertise in optimising the breeding process, from broodstock to hatchery

Our Broodstock Programme

Barramundi Group is a leader in barramundi genetics. Our advanced capabilities are underpinned by our expertise in genetics and breeding. Through a rigorous process of natural genetic selection over the past 20 years, we developed a superior strand of barramundi that is fast growing, more disease resistant, and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids.

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At our hatchery and nursery, our fries and fingerlings flourish in specially cultured tanks under optimal conditions and the care of our dedicated team. The controlled environment at our in-house hatchery and nursery facilities allows us to perform our ongoing monitoring and breeding programme to continuously improve on our capabilities and the quality of our barramundi.

In addition to growing out our own strand of barramundi, we also export fry and fingerlings to other operators, sharing our knowledge and expertise to help develop a sustainable and successful barramundi industry.

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