Fish Health

Safeguarding aquaculture through autogenous vaccines and animal health monitoring

Our Approach

We believe in a holistic and preventative approach to animal health and welfare. We grow healthy barramundi through applying world-class fish husbandry, enforcing biosecurity controls, ensuring a comfortable population density in our sea-pens, and providing high-quality nutritional feeds developed in partnership with fish nutrition experts.

Following strict biosecurity regimes and animal husbandry best practices, autogenous vaccines help to reduce the amount of antibiotics used, resulting in a safer and healthier product.


UVAXX, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Barramundi Group, is an industry leader in fish health that supplies proprietary vaccines and conducts in-situ fish health monitoring. We develop proprietary autogenous vaccines, including vaccines developed specifically for barramundi, that are used in-house and supplied to other farm operators.

UVAXX currently has produced an aggregate 10 million shots of vaccines over the years, and has the ability to reproduce its proprietary vaccines across all operating geographies.

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