What We Do

Integrity across the entire value chain

Barramundi Group is one of the largest producers of barramundi globally and we are front-runners in the establishment of an integrated, full-spectrum barramundi aquaculture model. Our operation spans the entire value chain, from Genetics and Fish Health to Farming, Product Innovation and Distribution. We incorporate world-class research and technology into our business to deliver premium quality and sustainable barramundi to the world.


Expertise in breeding optimisation, from broodstock to hatchery.

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Fish Health

Safeguarding aquaculture through autogenous vaccines and health monitoring.

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Ocean Farms

Operating the largest barramundi farms in Australia, Singapore and Brunei.

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Unbroken coldchain, from farm to fork.

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Product Innovation

Customer-focused product development to promote resource efficiency.

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Trusted by 1600+ restaurants and retailers worldwide.

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Helping our partners safeguard sustainability.

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Our integrated ecosystem allows us to manage all aspects of our fish’s life and product cycles. This helps us ensure that each barramundi is raised responsibly from egg to harvest and that each fish is utilised fully to reduce wastage and environmental impact.

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