From pristine ocean sites to our RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) farms, Barramundi Group produces sustainably-farmed products to the highest standards.

Ocean and Land Based RAS Farms

Barramundi Group produces barramundi in 2 different environments. When conditions are favourable and we have access to deep, pristine ocean waters, with the right bathymetry (depths) and hydrodynamics (currents), we may deploy our ocean net-pens to allow the growth of barramundi to harvest sizes. The reason is simple, strong currents and deep waters allow high dissolved oxygen which helps our barramundi grow healthily, whilst also ensuring that our impact to the environment is managed to low or zero impact; as part of our sustainable farming practices and audited independently by BAP, we routinely test the waters and seabeds under and near our farms to ensure you enjoy your fish guilt-free.

Barramundi Group also operated RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture Systems) that enable us to grow fish on land under biosecure and environmentally friendly operations. By using highly efficient systems to clean the waters that our barramundi grow in, we are able to create ideal conditions for the fish to grow faster, with less resources and zero impact to the ocean ecology.

We usually breed and grow our broodstock to produce eggs which are later fertilised and grown into larvae and fry in our RAS systems. The ultraviolet and ozonation of the water helps disinfect the water of pathogens which can affect the health and growth of juveniles. Once the juveniles reach a certain weight and maturity that allows them to survive the ocean conditions, we may move them to grow out the to harvest sizes at sea.

In Brunei, we are now building our RAS grow out facility which will allow the juveniles to stay and grow out to harvest sizes without ever having to leave the tanks. There are many advantages to this and we believe sustainable land-based RAS will be the future of aquaculture.

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