About Barramundi Group

Pioneering the future of barramundi through end-to-end sustainable aquaculture

At Barramundi Group, we bring great-tasting premium quality fish to the world, with sustainability at our core. Our mission is to help close the world’s protein gap by tapping into the vast potential that barramundi has to offer.

We operate R&D and broodstock facilities in Singapore, with ocean farms in Brunei. With the benefit of world-class research and aquaculture technology, our sustainable best practices enable us to produce responsibly-farmed barramundi while safeguarding the world’s oceans and environmental resources.

Though an end-to end aquaculture model, we have control over the entire value chain – from farm to fork – with established sales and distribution networks in many major cities. Our barramundi is available at over 1,600 restaurants, hotels, and retailers around the world.

Our Journey


First farm site established in Singapore

Set up proprietary autogenous vaccination capabilities through UVAXX, reflecting a focus on fish health and wellbeing


Established the leading Kühlbarra brand

Pioneered farm-to-fork direct-to-consumer ecommerce platform in Singapore


Acquired Marine Produce Australia, ownership of the farm in Cone Bay, Broome, Western Australia

Acquisition of Allegro Aqua, bringing genetics and husbandry practices in-house, and Fassler Gourmet, for in-house processing


Established the largest barramundi farm in Brunei

The world is our barramundi farm


Our leading brands