Leadership Team

Andreas von Scholten

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas has more than 15 years of experience working across multiple business sectors and geographies.

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James Kwan

Chief Executive Officer (Designate)

James was appointed Chief Marketing Officer of Barramundi Group in 2019, having been involved in the inception of Kühlbarra’s branding and marketing as a consultant since 2014.

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Helen Chow

Chief Financial Officer

Helen has more than 25 years experience in managing the financial strategy and all aspects of financial, operational and business management, including projects that support funding and business growth strategies, M&A and investor activities.

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Vincent Erenst

Chief Operating Officer

With close to four decades of experience in the aquaculture sector, Vincent is an industry veteran who has worked for several large global aquaculture operations, including a 12-year tenure as Regional Director at MOWI ASA.

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Markus Schrittwieser

Chief Veterinary Officer

With over 10 years in the veterinary and aquaculture industry across Europe and South East Asia, Markus brings wide experience in finfish health management and aquatic veterinary science.

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