Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting of Barramundi Group Ltd

The board of the directors (the “Board”) hereby calls for an extraordinary general meeting (“EGM”) of Barramundi Group Ltd. (the “Company”). The EGM is to be held on 22nd November 2021 at CET 9.00 a.m. / Singapore 4.00 p.m. by electronic means via zoom (meeting link here).

For purpose of the EGM, with respect to shares in the capital of the Company, the persons who will be considered as entitled to attend and/or speak at and/or exercise their voting rights at the EGM are those persons who possess these rights and are registered as holders of beneficial ownership of shares in the Company in the Norwegian Central Securities Depository (the “VPS”).

A member of the Company entitled to attend the EGM may appoint a proxy to vote instead of him. A proxy need not to be a member of the Company.

The proxy form must be submitted to the Company in the following in the following manner:-
(i) if submitted personally or by post, be deposited at the registered office of the Company at 35 Fishery Port Road #116 New Fish Merchant Building, Singapore 619742; or
(ii) if submitted electronically, be submitted by email to the Company at,

in any case, not later than 72 hours before the time fixed for the Extraordinary General Meeting and in default the Proxy Form for the Extraordinary General Meeting shall not be treated as valid.

The Board proposes the following agenda:-

  1. Establishment of a Nomination Committee
  2. Appointment of Nomination Committee members
  3. Authority to allot and issue shares

As of the date of this notice, the Company has issued 40,369,983 shares, each of which represents one vote.

Please refer to the announcement on NewsWeb for this latest announcement and EGM Proxy Form: