Mandatory notification of trade – Primary insider

Edward Ng, board member and primary insider of Barramundi Group Ltd, has on behalf of certain related parties acquired 250,000 shares in Barramundi Group Ltd at an average price of NOK14.70 per share on 7 and 8 October 2021. Following the transactions, the related parties hold 2,464,643 shares in Barramundi Group Ltd, corresponding to 6.11% of the total shares outstanding in Barramundi Group Ltd. See the enclosed form for further information about the transaction.

About Barramundi Group

Barramundi Group brings great-tasting premium quality fish to the world, with sustainability at our core. Our mission is to help close the world’s protein gap by tapping into the potential of barramundi. Through our pioneering, world-class research and technology, our sustainable best practices enable us to produce responsibly-farmed barramundi while safeguarding the world’s oceans and environmental resources. Operating farms in Australia, Singapore, and Brunei, we have control over the entire value chain – from farm to fork – with established sales and distribution networks in major cities all over the world. For more information, please visit