Barramundi Group – Business Update – 2nd Half 2022 and Preliminary Full Year Report

Barramundi Group will present its business update of the 2nd Half 2022 and Preliminary Full Year Report in a webcast today at 09:00 CET / 16:00 SGT.

Please find the presentation material attached.

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James Kwan
Chief Executive Officer
Barramundi Group

Telephone: +65 6261 0010
Jessie Lai
Chief Financial Officer (Designate)
Barramundi Group

Telephone: +65 6261 0010

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About Barramundi Group

Barramundi Group brings great-tasting premium quality fish to the world, with sustainability at our core. The Group’s mission is to help close the world’s protein gap by tapping into the potential of barramundi. Through pioneering, world-class research and technology, their sustainable best practices enable them to produce responsibly-farmed barramundi while safeguarding the world’s oceans and environmental resources.

As one of the largest barramundi producers in Asia Pacific, Barramundi Group operates through a unique end-to-end aquaculture model, with comprehensive in-house capabilities ranging from vaccine development, recirculating aquaculture systems, ocean net pen and land-based nurseries and farms, as well as end-product innovation and seafood processing.

The Group enjoys a robust commercial reach across key markets including Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the U.S. Barramundi Group’s future growth plan looks to tap into the growing global demand for barramundi and the overall consumer trend towards sustainable produce.