Barramundi Group Australia – Project Update June 2022

Barramundi Group Australia, the trading name of Marine Produce Australia, has announced its 10-year staged expansion project, the Kimberley Ocean Barramundi Project. The project is expected to have a capital spend of around $350 million, with significant expenditure into the local economy, including creating 350-400 direct jobs and local business opportunities for the region as production increases.

Application Process

The company’s Kimberley Ocean Barramundi Project (the Project) application was referred to the State Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) in May which was followed by an initial consultation period and preliminary evaluation to determine the level of assessment for the proposed expansion. The EPA has now determined a level of assessment for the project.

The determination can be viewed here

The Department or Primary Industries and Regional Development (WA) (DPRID) are reviewing the Aquaculture License application, this has been open for public comment: Ocean Barramundi Expansion Project | EPA Western Australia. The company is awaiting feedback on the proposal from the Environmental Protection Authority.

The Project was also referred to the Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment (Federal), DAWE and a further opportunity for public comment is expected to commence soon through the Department’s website. Our stakeholders will be notified once advertising commences.

Barramundi Group has made applications to the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (DPIRD) for the grant of 13 Aquaculture leases to support the expansions. The leases are located within the Country of the Mayala and Dambimangari People.

“BGA is proud of its 18-year history, environmental credentials, and record in the region. The learnings from our current operation have given us the confidence that we can grow in harmony with local flora and fauna, enhance biosecurity and provide even more jobs and opportunities for local communities in this remote part of Australia.”

Stakeholder Engagement

Barramundi Group is committed to developing strong partnerships with Traditional Owners, local communities, and businesses throughout its current and planned expansion in the Kimberley.

Barramundi Group respects the deep, continuing connection Traditional Owners have to the land and waters where it operates and proposes to expand. Barramundi Group will be seeking to engage with Traditional Owners, aligned with the stage expansion, to secure the free, prior, and informed consent through voluntary agreement where the proposed expansion impacts on the Native Title rights and interests of Traditional Owners.

Barramundi Group will continue to engage with State and Local Government, local community, and business to create opportunities to engage in the project approvals process, and subsequently into project development and operations.

“Our vision is to be considered leaders in the field, and to also apply innovative technologies to our operations. Most importantly, we want the communities that we support to be proud of us as a producer, employer, and partner.”


We have completed the initial design for our new BTAP nursery in Broome. The drawings are currently being reviewed by a building certifier to ensure building code compliance.

“We encourage people to engage with us, and to look on our website for updates on the progression of our Kimberley Ocean Barramundi Project.”

For further information, please visit our website at or email us at: