Barramundi Group announces leadership transition and appoints new CEO

Singapore, 14 October 2022. Barramundi Group Ltd (“Barramundi Group” or the “Company”) (EURONEXT: BARRA), a leading barramundi aquaculture company in Asia Pacific, today announces that James Kwan has been appointed as new Chief Executive Officer effective 1 January 2023. The appointment follows the resignation of Andreas von Scholten who has been the company’s CEO since November 2019. Mr. von Scholten has accepted the nomination to join the company’s Board and will transition to the new role as Director effective 1 January 2023.
Mr. Kwan has more than 15 years of senior management experience predominantly within the marketing and food and beverage sectors. In a previous role Mr. Kwan created the Company’s Kühlbarra brand and laid the foundation for the e-commerce business. Mr. Kwan has been with Barramundi Group as a member of the Executive Management Team since December 2019, first in a role as Chief Marketing Officer, and from June 2020 also overseeing the farming and processing operations in Singapore. Earlier in 2022, Mr. Kwan took on a concurrent role as General Manager Singapore, with responsibilities spanning broodstock, grow-out, processing and commercial operations.
“James is an excellent leader with strong credentials and a long list of achievements within the company, and I am very pleased that he has accepted the appointment as new CEO of Barramundi Group” said Hans den Bieman, Chairman of the Board.

“I thank the Board for the trust placed in me to lead the Company at a juncture where it is continuing to execute on strategic and tactical operational changes that will lead us towards profitability,” said James Kwan, 49. “On the commercial front, we need to re-assert our brands, innovate and excite the market once again with creative offerings that have defined our earlier successes.”

“The megatrend towards food security and the demand for responsibly produced proteins has only strengthened through the pandemic. Our position as a leader in sustainable barramundi aquaculture in Asia remains unchanged, and our Company remains poised for strong future growth being at the doorstep of the world’s next growth engine. I have enjoyed working with Andreas these past 3 years, and I welcome his decision to join the Board,” said Mr. Kwan.

“It has been a privilege to serve as CEO of Barramundi Group since November 2019, and I look very much forward to continue working with James and the Company in my new role as Director. The Company has been through a major transformation in recent years and is now progressing well on the strategy leading to profitability,” said Andreas von Scholten.

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About Barramundi Group

Barramundi Group brings great-tasting premium quality fish to the world, with sustainability at our core. The Group’s mission is to help close the world’s protein gap by tapping into the potential of barramundi. Through their pioneering, world-class research and technology, their sustainable best practices enables them to produce responsibly-farmed barramundi while safeguarding the world’s oceans and environmental resources.

As the one of the largest barramundi producers in Australasia, Barramundi Group operates through a unique end-to-end aquaculture model, with comprehensive in-house capabilities ranging from vaccine development, end-product innovation and processing, to hatchery facilities.

The Group also boasts a robust commercial reach across key markets including Singapore, Australia, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, and the U.S. Barramundi Group’s future growth plan looks to tap into the growing global demand for barramundi and the overall consumer trend towards sustainable consumption, which is projected to increase exponentially over the next five years.