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Reeling in the benefits of farming fish in Singapore

Starting a business from scratch overseas can be hard work. But some foreign-born entrepreneurs have chosen to set up shop in Singapore, given its business-friendly practices. In the first of a four-part series, Jacqueline Woo speaks to the people behind Barramundi Asia, who see the Republic as an ideal breeding ground for both the fish

Local fish farm to net global market

Barramundi Asia is poised to become the world’s largest barramundi supplier while remaining environmentally sustainable. UNDER the unforgiving sun, fish with black, glistening scales splash about the ocean surface eagerly ­ it is feeding time. A boat stops at each of the 18 cages at the sprawling farm to feed the 500,000­odd hungry barramundi fish

Get fish fresh from the farm – via the Net

HOME­GROWN fish farm Barramundi Asia launched an online platform yesterday so consumers can buy its products over the Internet. The barramundi fish are harvested from the firm’s 7.5ha ocean farm in Pulau Semakau, filleted and vacuum­ packed before being delivered in insulated boxes filled with ice. The fish are kept at sub­zero temperatures even during
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Fish, From Farm To Fork

Not quite sure what we mean by “Farm to Fork”? Check out our short video here.